Choosing Your Lawn

A few thing for you to consider before embarking on improving your lawn.
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    It is important to consider the types of activities your lawn is going to be exposed to throughout the year, from children playing, heavy footfall or pets.

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    Location & Environment

    A lawn that thrives is a lawn that is at one with its environment. Soil type, drainage, surrounding vegetation and exposure to the elements all need to be taken into careful consideration.

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    Aesthetic Appearance

    Many people imagine the English lawn to be manicured with a bowling green look, but there are many other options available from the meadow lawn to the non-grass lawn.

Our Lawn Services

Grass Cutting

Regular mowing of your lawn will keep it looking attractive and healthy as well as encouraging new growth and promoting stronger roots which makes it more resilient and stop weeds taking hold.

Weeding & Feeding

If left, weeds will take over your lawn and leave you with very little grass. Grass needs nutrients like any other plant, so regular feeding will promote healthy growth and keep your grassy areas looking their best.

Scarification & Aeration

Scarifying removes the layers of organic matter which build up beneath a grass known as 'thatch'. Aerating involves making smalls holes in your lawn to allow air to reach the roots and prevents compaction.

Top Dressing

Applying a top dressing of loam, sand and organic matter to the surface of your lawn will encourages root growth, improves drainage and will level out any bumps.

Turfing & Sowing

Deciding whether to turf or sow can be a difficult decision. At Oakridge we can advise you on the best and most economical approach to creating a lawn. We cover all aspect of turfing and sowing from large areas to simple lawn repairs.

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